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President's Report

Happy New Year Charlotte NACE!  

The December holiday party was a wonderful way to celebrate with Charlotte’s event professionals and those who could not be in attendance were greatly missed.  This event marked not only the end of an incredible year for the Charlotte NACE Chapter but also the introduction of the incoming 2018 Board of Directors.  

The significance of installing our board at the December meeting aligns metaphorically with the close of a year; full of celebration, gratitude and anticipation.  We shared our appreciation for our fellow Board of Directors who after many years of service to the Charlotte NACE Chapter have completed their time on the board.  I would be remiss to not again acknowledge them for their service to the Charlotte NACE Chapter; Thank You, Kim Werner, CPCE, Kim Bibb and Patty Pressley.  Each of you have directly contributed to the success of our chapter and for that we are all grateful.  

In accepting the new role as your 2018 & 2019 Charlotte NACE President, I shared that the foundation of my leadership style is rooted in the fable Stone Soup.  Briefly Stone Soup is a story of a traveler who comes upon a village of people who do not have much and are weary of the stranger.  By starting a fire, boiling water and adding a stone to the pot, the villagers are curious and contribute small amounts of their own meager ingredients that create enough food to feed the entire village.  

The moral of the story is that when a group of people work together they can accomplish great things.  One of the things that I am most excited about as your new president is the incredible opportunity that I have to work with this extraordinary group of professionals that make up your 2018 Board of Directors.  Each of these committed individuals volunteers their time in order to strengthen our chapter.  The Charlotte NACE Chapter would not be where it is today without the work that has been done by past board members nor the work that the incoming board has sworn to do.  Without a further ado, here is your 2018 Board of Directors:

Immediate Past President : Justen Hix

President : Cristin Lee, CPCE

Vice President : Jenna Morrow

Treasurer : Art Zelenak

Secretary : Megan Applegate Shatto, CPCE

Programs Co-Chair : Brittney Derrick

Programs Co-Chair : Kelli Taddonio

Membership Co-Chair : Courtney Squeglia

Membership Co-Chair : Jennifer Humienmy

Hospitality Chair : Emily Brandewie

Fundraising Chair : Tara West

Communications Chair : Beth Mangus

Social Media Chair : Madison Baker

Student Chapter Chair : Ted Watkins

Heading into January, we look forward to seeing everyone at the Annual CADES Awards taking place on Thursday, January 18th at 6:00pm in the Carolina Ballroom at the Sheraton/Le Meridien Charlotte Uptown.  The night will be full of awards recognizing outstanding members and 2017 programming!  

Cristin Lee, CPCE
Marketing Director, Party Reflections
Charlotte NACE President 2018-2019


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