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On January 27th – 29th over 150 NACE Leaders gathered in New Orleans at the annual NACE Evolve Conference to connect with industry professionals, to hear about the NACE National Strategic Plan and to share best practices across our network.  Each year the Charlotte Board of Directors allocates funding to send 3-5 board members to attend this leadership conference.  Our board believes that it is important to invest in its members, including members who volunteer their time to our chapter.  

This year representing the Charlotte NACE Chapter with me was Secretary, Megan Applegate Shatto, CPCE, Programs Co-Chair, Brittney Derrick, Hospitality Chair, Emily Brandewie and Fundraising Chair, Tara West.  Each member participated in extensive education sessions and breakout groups that will enable them to become stronger local leaders.  The Charlotte board retreat will be taking place on Monday, February 12th at the Foundation For The Carolinas and these members will be sharing the information learned at Evolve with the board in order to incorporate best practices into our chapter throughout 2018.

But what I really want to share with our Charlotte NACE Community is the recently released NACE 2017-2020 Strategic Plan.  Your NACE National Leadership and Staff have worked extensively to develop this workplan that shifts the vision and mission of NACE in a progressive and member driven direction.  To read the entire strategic plan please visit  

Here are some insights from the NACE National Strategic Plan:  


As the premier resource and community for catering and events professionals, the Boards of NACE and The Foundation of NACE, have determined the association’s focus through 2020 will be on professional development, community enhancement, and organizational excellence to anchor its strategic direction.

To deliver on our mission and work toward realizing our vision, we are committed to achieving the following goals and objectives:

Goal 1 – Essential Resource
NACE will identify, develop, and offer cutting-edge education, technology, tools, and access to expertise through a variety of online and in-person platforms enabling catering and event professionals to grow and thrive in a highly competitive environment.

Goal 2 – Strong, Vibrant Community 
NACE will provide programs, services, messaging, marketing, and overall support designed to optimize through local, regional, national, and social networks:

  • member learning
  • interactive experiences
  • access to expertise
  • professional development 


Goal 3 – Strategic, Aligned, Transparent Organization
NACE will strengthen its communications, operations, and infrastructure to ensure positive member interactions, an efficient, sustainable organization, and timely delivery of valued products and services.

I know that is a lot to take in however I think that it is important that our Charlotte NACE members and fellow industry professionals are aware of the direction that the NACE National Board and Staff are taking the organization as well as how your local leaders are going to implement those principles into our chapter governance and programming.  

As the 2018 board develops our workplan for this year and the future, we will align our chapter goals with this new direction from NACE National in order to continue to provide exceptional education and networking opportunities here in Charlotte.  


Cristin Corder Lee, CPCE
2018-2019 Charlotte NACE President 


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