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    President's Report

    NACE family,

    I hope you all have found moments of joy over the last month.  It has been a much different Holiday season but I pray you were surrounded by love and light.

    I mentioned in my December newsletter that our chapter would roll out a new program at the beginning of the year and I hope many of you saw it!  Lean On NACE is a safe environment for everyone in our industry to share and support each other.  Everything is confidential and you can choose a session that fits best with your schedule.  I want you to know that your participation level is up to you!  No leader will make you share or ask you to speak.  If you just want to come and listen to know that you aren’t alone, we welcome you to do that.  Because we feel like this is so important for people to have a place to share their highs and lows, we will have this be our program for January.  We will not be having our normal meeting but hope we will see you in one of the sessions of Lean On NACE.  (

    As you might recall, we typically have our Awards program, CADES, in January.  We want to make sure that we are keeping you all safe and also able to really do the CADES the way we want because recognizing our incredible members and sponsors is so very important.  We have postponed the CADES to March 15th.  Please be on the lookout for the call to nominations.  This will be sent out on January 25th and provides you the chance to nominate other members and sponsors for their dedication in 2020.

    Speaking of recognition, how many of you have sent a virtual High Five?  We are collecting the high fives submitted and hope to share them with individuals soon.  What a great way for you to say thanks for how someone has helped you keep your sanity through the past year.  Make it mushy, make it funny, or make it cheesy; we want it to be authentically yours!

    I’ll be honest guys, I’ve sat and looked at my screen for a very long time thinking about how I want to close.  I know we were so excited about the promise of a New Year.  We knew that nothing was going to change overnight but just the fact that the year 2020 was over brought a sense of excitement.  The start of 2021 has been turbulent.  It has been hard to watch and it has weighed heavy on our hearts.  While I do believe we are on a slow and steady path to recovery, I know we are still stressed.  I also know each of you has a light shining within. Some days it might bright and others it might be dim.  On the dim days, use your people to fan the flame and brighten it up.  You are what is going to pull this industry back up, so we need you ready.  Even a little light beats darkness.


    Be kind to each other, be strong for each other and be hopeful!

    Jenna Morrow l President 2020-2021

    [email protected]

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    Don't Forget

    Don't forget to submit your High Fives & give a friend a boost of positivity! Check out the submissions below for some inspiration.


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    Member Spotlight

    Thanks to everyone who participated in our Member Mondays throughout the majority of 2020! Our final roundup is featured below but make sure you're following our social media channels to see what we showcase next!

    First Tee Greater Charlotte

    Moving Mountains Studios

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