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President's Report

NACE Family,

First, thanks to the many members that filled out our survey recently.  We had a good response giving us insight into how our members are feeling about attending in person meetings and sponsoring upcoming meetings.  We know every individual has a unique perspective on how COVID19 has impacted and is impacting their lives.  We wanted to bring our members together to discuss what this means for the future of our meetings.  We met on the 13th and chatted about a multitude of options.  The board will take the notes from those conversations and discuss in more depth to come up with some best practices to try to make you all comfortable with the structure and content of our meetings moving forward with the focus being on member value.  Please know we might be reaching out to you in the coming weeks.

If you didn’t see the email from Nationals, there is a Membership Support Program in place to assist those eligible with their dues.  You can visit: and click on the “Support for Members Affected by COVID-19” to get more information.  There are new “relief due rates” you can apply for.  In addition they still have the extended grace period for renewal and payment plan options for all current members!  If you have questions or concerns about your membership moving forward, you can reach out to our local Director of Memberhip; Mikayla ([email protected])

Y’all, I’m so excited about the July and August programs!  We are partnering with our friends from ILEA for both.  Find information on our social channels or  Our August virtual program is presented by Christina Blacken, founder of The short version of her bio starts, “I love cheese but it’s proven to not love me back.”  I meannnnn if your bio starts with a line about cheese, you are ok in my book.  You can read more about her on her site.  I hope you will join us and bring your notebook because she wants interaction on August 18th.

In my personal life, my focus lately has been on empathetic listening.  I have been seeking to understand before seeking to be understood.  To learn the value of saying “I’m listening, I’m here” rather than “You’ll be ok.” I know as NACE Charlotte we can (even virtually) continue to make people feel comfortable and build connections.  That we will listen not only with our ears but with our eyes and our hearts.  We are running this marathon together! 

I would love to hear from you, to hear your ideas, to hear what you need from our NACE Chapter or me … I’m Listening.

Be kind to each other, be strong for each other and be hopeful!


Jenna Morrow

[email protected]

President 2020-2021

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Upcoming Events

Registration is still open for Monday's collab with ILEA Charlotte! We'll be taking a fun trivia trip to the tropics so feel free to dress in your favorite vacation look or change your Zoom background to somewhere with sand & sun. Zoom link info will be sent to registrants by 4pm on event day.


August's registration officially opens today! It will be another collab with ILEA & we are PUMPED! Our speaker, Christina Blacken is not only a public speaker, she's a performer, podcast host, & the founder of which has been featured in, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Forbes, & many more publications.

In this talk, we'll discuss the science of story to persuade and move people to action, and the four key stories every leader must tell to create motivation, engagement, and inclusive culture during moments of transition. As Jenna mentioned above, Christina wants lots of participation so get excited!

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Member News

An important update from NACE National

According to a NACE member survey conducted last summer, NACE membership is less than 6% Black. In the United States, Black people make up about 12.1% of the events industry workforce (source). We can do better.

As the catalyst for exceptionalism in catering and events and the premier resource and community for catering and event professionals, NACE is committed to building a more diverse and inclusive community. Our recently released Action Plan for Black Community Support, Diversity and Inclusion details the initial actions that we will start to take immediately.

One of the very important early steps is to form a Black Caucus. This forum will create a space where Black NACE members can discuss inequality and unequal representation in catering and events and what NACE can and should do. Learning from the Caucus will provide guidance to and be factored into the Action Plan.

All Black NACE members are invited to join the Black Caucus and lend your voice and your ideas. By joining the Caucus, you can identify and provide recommendations to the national board on how NACE can chart the right path forward. To register, please click one of the links below.

July 22, 2020 2pm-3pm EST

July 23, 3030 4pm-5pm EST

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Board Info

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