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President's Report

My last newsletter of 2020:

Strangely enough, I am so grateful to have had 2020 be my first year as your NACE President.  Seeing our members’ innovation, collaboration and support of each other has reminded me of why I became a member in the first place.

For our December program, out of the safety for you and your families, we have made the decision to not host an in person event. With many of you visiting family this Holiday season, we want to ensure we are being extra careful.  I am beyond proud of how we have hosted very safe, successful and exciting in person events the last two months. We will offer a virtual option for December. We hope you will join us for some lighthearted merriment.  We all deserve a good beverage and a good laugh.

Even with a new year on the horizon, many of our friends are still struggling. The Charlotte chapter wants to provide a safe place for us to continue to support each other. Our chapter, under the amazing leadership of Mikayla Mendels and Erin Dennis, is working to set up a new program called “Lean on NACE”. You will see more information about this in the coming month. 

Dedication to a volunteer organization is not easy under normal circumstances but to do so when we are going through a pandemic is remarkable. Big thanks to our 2020 board. They have risen to the occasion with the ability to pivot quickly. I am surrounded by a team of warriors that truly never cease to amaze me. Thank you Cristin, Megan, Brittney, Courtney, Taylor, Mikayla, Taryn, Pam, Michelle and Ted for all you have done for our chapter this last year and for being my friends.

There is no doubt, this year has brought lots of heartache. We have seen our friends lose their jobs, businesses and even worse, people they love. Our industry has taken an incredible hit.  I am ready to put 2020 behind us and press forward. However, as I reflected on the year, I thought to myself; I DO hope we remember. I hope we remember the meaningfulness of a warm hug! We remember not to take small things for granted like dinner in a restaurant, a last minute grocery run, and 2 day shipping. I hope we remember empathy and compassion; patience and perseverance; grace and gratitude. I hope we remember that we are stronger together.

Let’s continue to love on each other and build each other up.

Be kind to each other, be strong for each other and be hopeful!


Jenna Morrow l President 2020-2021

[email protected]

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Upcoming Events

We have decided to hold our December meeting virtually to make sure we're all safely prepared for lots of family time during the holiday season!

Shoutout to Split Second Sound for running this fun Music Trivia event for us! They are such great partners & always provide an amazing atmosphere.

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Coming Soon

We have an exciting new program coming soon... stay tuned for more info!

Lean On NACE: Creating a safe environment and opportunities for hospitality and event professionals to share and support each other. 

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Member Spotlight

We've had so much fun highlighting some of our members over the past few months! December will be our last month of showcases but be sure to follow our Instagram & Facebook pages to keep up!

Live Events Media Group

Key Signature Entertainment

Carmel Country Club

Megan Applegate, Gecko Hospitality

Snap Happy Photos

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